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Image by Jonathan Borba

what's your story?

That inner voice that wants more for yourself is just like the audience rooting for a happy ending. 

It's the same voice that led you here, seeking some type of support to feel better. 

Therapy is a process of growth & self-discovery.

I promote healing & healthy change to get your narrative back on track. 

I'm here to listen and help you reclaim this story, to be the active writer, director and lead of your own life.

Is it a story you are happy with? Maybe a few unexpected paths led to a place you don't wish to stay.  From big life changes, painful memories, heartbreak, and loneliness - there is also courage, hope, love and happy surprises too. What parts of this story are still running the show - the past can be powerful over the present. The ways you coped may no longer be helping. The cast of characters, relationships, social life -  may need some new exploration. 

What would the audience be rooting for the main character to do next? What would they cheer for? 

What challenges would they empathize with, and then celebrate to see you overcome? 

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